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Muhammad Mansur Ali

Mansur Ali
Lecturer in Islamic Studies
Cardiff University 

Email: c/o cdas@bath.ac.uk

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Dr Ali is a Lecturer in Islamic Studies at Cardiff University and Research Associate at the Centre for Death & Society (CDAS), University of Bath.

In 2015 he was presented with a BISCA (British Imams and Scholars Contribution Award) for best contribution in teaching and research.  He is a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (HEA) and Advisory Board Member of the British Association of Islamic Studies (BRAIS).

Research interests

Dr Ali has two main research interests: Hadith Studies and Practical Theology. By Practical Theology, I mean making sense of the world we live in through the lens of Islamic theology (Ilm al-Kalam). How can Muslims have a meaningful religious experience in a predominantly secular society? What psychological impact has modernity has had on the lives of Muslims in the West? An offshoot of this is to look at religious leadership (chaplains, imams) in the British Muslim community. Furthermore, using tools developed in Ilm al-Kalam as well as Usul al-Fiqh, I research modern issues such as Islamic bio-medical ethics.

Current research projects

“Our Bodies Belong to God: The Human Transplantation Act 2013 and Cardiff Muslims’ response to it.” Cardiff University Engagement and Impact funding.

Muslim Chaplains Research Project (AHRC/ESRC)

Selected Publications and Presentations 

2016: 'The Human transplantation act (Wales) 2013 and Cardiff Muslims’ response to it.' CDAS Seminar: Religious Responses to Contemporary Western Death Practices, University of Bath. 

2016: ‘Praying With, Praying For and Praying on Patients: Towards a Muslim Practical Theology in Chaplaincy’, 1st International Congress on Spiritual care and counselling, Istanbul University, Turkey. 
2016: 'Muslim Chaplains between the private and the public sphere', Referat Forum Berlin der Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung Hiroshimastra├če, Berlin, Germany 
Ali, M. (2015) Is the British weather anti-Islamic? Prayer times, the Ulama and application of the Shari'a. Contemporary Islam, May 2015, Volume 9, Issue 2, pp 171-187
Ali, M. (2014) Perspectives on drug addiction in Islamic history and theology. Religions 5 (3), pp. 912-928.
Gilliat-Ray, S., Ali, M. M. and Pattison, S.(2013) Understanding Muslim Chaplaincy. Ashgate AHRC/ESRC Religion and Society Series. Farnham: Ashgate
Ali, M. M. and Gilliat-Ray, S. (2013) Muslim chaplains: working at the interface of 'public' and 'private'. In: Ahmad, W. I. U. and Sardar, Z. eds. Muslims in Britain: Making Social and Political Space.  Abingdon:  Routledge, pp. 84-100.