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Su Chard 

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I am an independent funeral celebrant in Gloucestershire. I also co-lead a project called Chance to Chat. It enables people to tell the stories of their lives to family members or those that support them.  This work was a response to so many families I work with knowing very little about the lived experiences of the relation or friend that they are planning a funeral for. For example “How did your Mum and Dad meet?” is a question I ask a lot and and seldom get an answer to.  For these stories to remain they don’t need to be written as a long biography they just need to be told through  everyday chatting and the project goes someway to help with that. I also work with a Bristol schools supporting them to consider the memorialization process after they have lost a pupil or staff member.  
Working within CDAS to gain my MSc has enhanced my work considerably. I continue to be interested in the following areas and would like to continue researching some of the following topics in the future:  

•    How we remain after death.  What is included in our post-mortem narratives. Have we the right to be forgotten?
•    The changing face of English funerals through the work of celebrants.
•    The development of the “seculigious” funeral, where clients build a funeral that reflects their or the deceased’s personal theologies.
My Dissertation considered the initial questions Funeral Directors ask customers and how the responses to those questions impact the final funeral rite religious, secular or seculigous.
I have recently contributed to:

•    Endnotes with Hull University. This free ebook is a project connected to the Crossing Over Network
•    A Matter of Life and Death compiled by Rosalind Bradley. Published by Jessica Kingsley Publishers 2016.