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Wendy Moncur

Visiting Research Fellow, Department of Social & Policy Sciences

Email: c/o cdas@bath.ac.uk
Tel: c/o +44 (0) 1225 386949

Lecturer and EPSRC Post-Doctoral Cross-Disciplinary Research Fellow, School of Computing, University of Dundee

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Wendy Moncur was appointed as a Visiting Fellow at CDAS in 2012. She is a Lecturer in the School of Computing at the University of Dundee, and holds an EPSRC Post-Doctoral Research Fellowship. Her research interests lie in the design of technology to support people during transition points in their lives. Wendy received her doctorate from the University of Aberdeen in Computing Science in 2011. Her PhD research involved the use of online social networks for information sharing during a health crisis. Her current work examines how we bequeath, inherit and re-purpose digital artefacts. Beginning in June 2013, she will be leading the 2-year EPSRC-funded research program, Charting the Digital Lifespan, which will produce unique insights into the digital lifespan of UK citizens both now and in a future where our young Digital Natives approach adulthood, become parents, retire, and pass away.

Research interests

  • Interdisciplinary research.
  • Design of technology to support people throughout the lifespan and beyond.
  • Ethical considerations and methodologies for working in sensitive contexts.
  • Socio-technical systems.

Current projects

  • EPRSC Post-doctoral Research Fellowship, 'Digital Inheritance'
  • Development of a real-time healthcare process tracking system focussed on enhancing patient safety
  • Tales of Dying@Home: The role of personal health data in facilitating the wishes of the dying
  • Stop Traffic: Unweaving the web of online human trafficking
  • Tweeting the Blues: Identifying symptoms of depression in young adults through Twitter feeds
  • Improved support for carers through technology


Book Sections

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Conference or Workshop Items

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