Centre for Death & Society

Death, dying and devolution


Principal Investiagtor: Kate Woodthorpe

Department of Social & Policy Sciences 


Project Rationale and Aims

Project news: 

Scottish Government's Consultation on the devolution of Social Security (02.12.16)

Project resources: 

A Broader Perspective: presentation to Scottish Government Nov '16 

Dr Kate Woodthorpe is undertaking a sabbatical project with the Institute of Policy Research (IPR) in the first six months of 2017 to examine the risks and opportunities associated with the national and regional devolution of policy and services associated with death, dying and bereavement.

Bringing policy-makers and key stakeholders together at a time that negotiations take place to determine priorities, resource allocation, criteria for access and so on, the project will document what is happening as it happens, and address key questions of: equality, access, regionalism, nation state building, and the relationship between individuals, families and the state. 

Project Outputs and Impacts

The aim of the project is to document policy and service change as it happens. To do this, the project will:

  • organise a day event to bring policy-makers and key stakeholders together
  • commission articles on the risks and opportunities associated with devolution from a wide range of perspectives
  • produce a policy brief that can inform policy and service change
  • produce an academic article on the place of death within the welfare state
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