Centre for Death & Society

How and why different societies manage death differently


Principal Investigator: Tony Walter


Project Rationale and Aims

Tony Walter is working on a global introduction to death and society, to be published by Sage in 2019. The book will not only look at globalisation but also take seriously the cultural, institutional, social, historical, legal and political factors that lead to quite different ways of handling death in different countries, even in affluent societies.

Project outputs and impacts

Walter, T., 2013. ‘Eighteen Ways to View a Dead Body’, in E.Venbrux, T.Quartier, C.Venhorst, B.Mathijssen, eds Changing European Death Ways, Zurich: Lit, pp.71-84.

Walter, T., 2012. Why different countries manage death differently: A comparative analysis of modern urban societies. British Journal of Sociology, 63 (1), pp. 123-145.

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Name: Prof Tony Walter
Title: Honorary Professor
Department: Dept of Social and Policy Sciences
E-mail: j.a.walter@bath.ac.uk