Centre for Death & Society

Previous projects

There have been a number of projects undertaken by our members and associates since our inception in 2005. Many have publications or other outputs associated with them.

Future Water Laboratory

Principal Investigator: Svenja Tams
Investigators: Prof. Russ Vince, Dr Wen-Shao Chang, Prof Axel Goodbody,  Dr John Troyer
Funder: University of Bath
Amount: £10,000
Dates: 2011

The Future of Funeral Directing

Investigators: Kate Woodthorpe, Christine Valentine, Lucy Easthope
Dates: 2010 - 2012

Baby gardens: A privilege or predicament?

Principal Investigator: Kate Woodthorpe
Dates: 2010-12

The role of the Anatomical Pathology Technologist

Principal Investigators: Kate Woodthorpe & Dr Carol Komaromy, Open Univeristy
Funder: British Academy
Dates: 2010-11

How people who are dying or mourning use the Arts

Principal Investigator: Tony Walter
Dates: 2010-12

Harnessing Death's Fire: A case study on Heat Capture Technology at the Haycombe Cemetery and Crematorium

Principal Investigator: John Troyer
Business Partner: Haycombe Cemetery and Crematorium, Bath
Funder: This case study comes under the Knowledge Fellowship Scheme funded by the South West Regional Development Agency and the European Regional Development Fund.
Amount: £11,991.92
Dates: June 2010 - May 2011

Exploring the transition to survivorship in breast and bowel cancer patients and their partners

Investigators: Dr. Paula Smith, Dr Julie Turner-Cobb and Dr. Mike Osborn
Funder: Royal United Hospital (RUH), Bath, Research and Development
Amount: £10,783
Dates: May 2009 - April 2010

Managing end of life care in Care Homes

Principal Investigator: Malcolm Johnson
Funder: BUPA Giving
Amount: £98, 802
Dates: 2007-2010

End-of-life practices in the Republic of Moldova

Principal Investigator: Allan Kellehear
Funder: The Leverhulm Trust
Amount: £62,200
Dates: 2009-11

Jade Goody: death educator and angel

Principal Investigator: Tony Walter
Dates: 2009-11

Garden Burials

Investigators: Tony Walter and Claire Gittings
Dates: 2009-11

Roadside memorials

Principal Investigator: Una MacConville
Dates: 2005 - 2010

Christian Funerals in a Changing Society

Principal Investigators: Tony Walter and Douglas Davis (University of Durham)
Dates: 2008

Cruse Service Evaluation

Principal Investigator: Glennys Howarth
Funder: Cruse Bereavement Care
Amount: £3,000
Dates: 2005-6