Centre for Death & Society

The Future of Funeral Directing

Project rationale and aims



This research explores the experiences and views of students how have graduated or who are currently studying for  the Foundation Degree in Funeral Services at the University of Bath on the future of the industry. It will focus on issues relating to the gender and familial makeup of the funeral trade, the current education and training provision being offered, and regulation. It will address the following questions:

  1. How do funeral directors on this programme regard academic study and its role in their own professional development?
  2. How do they regard the role of academic study in relation to the changing face of UK funeral directing more generally?
  3. How do funeral directors on this programme view professionalizing discourses and debates regarding the relationship between education and regulation?
  4. How do funeral directors on this programme perceive the current makeup of the trade, specifically in relation to gender?

Project outputs and impacts

Findings will be disseminated through a variety of academic and professional publications and conferences.

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