- Centre for Extremophile Research

Centre for Extremophile Research

Contact information

In the first instance, all contact should be with the director of the CER, Prof. Michael Danson.

Prof. Michael Danson
Centre for Extremophile Research
Department of Biology and Biochemsitry
University of Bath
Bath. BA2 7AY. U.K.

(E-mail: M.J.Danson@bath.ac.uk )

Academic staff

Contact details for other members can be found on the separate staff pages:

Centre for Extremophile Research

The Centre for Extremophile Research is based at the University of Bath. It comprises faculty staff from the Departments of Biology & Biochemistry, Chemistry and Pharmacy & Pharmacology. Additionally, a wide range of national and international collaborations have been established that add significantly to the research base of the Centre. The Centre brings together interdisciplinary expertise on extremophilic micro-organisms, including:

The CER also possesses a culture collection of over 2000 thermophiles and psychrophiles, obtained from CAMR, Porton Down.

In addition to its fundamental research, the Centre provides a platform from which the biotechnological potential of extremophilic organisms and their products can be commercially exploited. The vibrant research atmosphere therefore provides an ideal environment for post-doctoral and post-graduate studies alike.