Department of Chemical Engineering

What is Chemical Engineering?

Students in the Department of Chemical Engineering

The future

Advances are being made in:

  • hydrogen storage
  • electronics and communications
  • alternative fuels
  • healthcare products
  • disposal of toxic waste
  • artificial organs and prosthetics

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Chemical and biochemical engineers develop new chemical processes and products, and improve the performance of existing ones.

Their understanding of fundamental science and the properties of materials means they are in demand across the world. 

After studying our undergraduate programmes you could be:

  • Providing clean water for Third World countries
  • Helping to develop spacecraft
  • Producing beer or chocolate
  • Developing alternative and renewable fuels
  • Developing drugs and pharmaceuticals
  • Working on new areas of medical science
  • Producing vaccines or stem cell therapies.

Why study Chemical Engineering?

A Chemical Engineering degree offers you the flexibility to work in a number of fields, including:

  • Research
  • Plant management
  • Safety
  • Pollution prevention and control
  • Consultancy
  • Technical sales
  • Marketing.

Because chemical and biochemical engineers are taught to analyse problems logically and deal with complicated issues, they often manage other professionals in project teams.