Department of Estates

Report an accessibility issue

Our Helpdesk and Portering teams will promptly deal with any disability access issues you report.

Email to report an issue or concern.

Examples include:

  • lifts not working or being used as a goods lift
  • designated disabled parking bays obstructed or being abused
  • external routes including ramps and steps – littered or algae growth
  • automatic doors not working
  • regular doors being stiff or heavy to open
  • accessible toilets being abused or used for storage
  • alarm pull cords in accessible toilets not working or tied up out of reach
  • fire escape routes and doors obstructed
  • lighting of main routes not working.

The monitoring of and responding to ‘Accessible Issues' (Gold Buttons) is managed by the Helpdesk team. They will respond to all emails detailing what action is being taken to address the issue raised.