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Manager Self Service (MSS) Frequently Asked Questions

How can I speed up the MSS login process?

Amend the number of reporting levels

How do I upload a fit note?

Guidance is available

How can I review a Holiday or an "Other Absence" Request?

There are different options forreviewing holiday or reviewing  "Other Absence" requests.

One of my reportees has less than half a day of annual leave entitlement remaining, what can I do?

iTrent is configured for annual leave to be booked in whole days or half days and the underlying calculations are in hours.

This can lead to a small amount of hours remaining as part of the annual leave entitlement towards the end of each leave year.

Any unused leave entitlement will carry over into the next leave year and all staff are able to carryover up to a maximum of 1 week of their contractual hours.

However, if a member of your staff does want to take this leave, an adjustment will be required via MSS. Guidance is available

How can I redirect my tasks whilst I am on holiday/out of office?

This is called Workflow Task Redirection and guidance is available

If a manager is unable to redirect tasks due to sickness absence and the tasks are likely to need consideration during their absence, Computing Services can redirect the tasks to another manager. Please contact Computing Services.

How can I redirect a single task?

You can also direct individual tasks. Select  the task in your tasklist within MSS and click on the Redirect buttton and enter the BUCS id of the person you wish to direct the task to.

How can I view Holiday Entitlements for my reportees?

Select the Holiday Entitlement link within MSS and by default it will show the current leave year.

To view the previous leave year, please amend the Effective Date (which is in the yellow field at the top of the screen) to the last day of the previous leave year, eg 31/8/14.
This will then show the Holiday Entitlement Summary for the previous year.

The remaining entitlement at the end of the year is what will have been carried over into the new leave year, up to the maximum of 36.5 pro rata.

Managers can also run reports on their reportees via Manager Self Service:

  • Outstanding Holiday Report, using the last day of the previous leave year (E.g. 31/8/14) to show the leave that was remaining at the end of the leave year.
  • Holiday Entitlement Breakdown, using the first day of the current leave year (e.g 1/9/14) to show the entitlement and adjustments that have been made.

How can I upload or view an SDPR Document?

Read the guidance to upload or view SDPR documents

Please note that prior to 2013, only the date of the review was recorded on iTrent and no documents were attached.

Department Coordinators in Academic Departments can upload SDPR via their iTrent login.

How can I update Annual Leave for Maternity Absence?

How to make adjustments to the annual leave within iTrent for the accrual of annual leave during maternity absence.

How do I override a bank holiday/discretionary day when someone has not taken it?

Guidance is available

How can I run reports on my staff in MSS?

Guidance is available on running reports

What browsers are supported in MSS?

Firefox v12+, Internet Explorer

I've received the message "you do not have security clearance" and my reportees are greyed out, what does this mean?

This means that your list of reportees has not been fully loaded. When you login to MSS, the system will automatically generate a list of your reportees. You get a confirmation message in the right hand corner of the screen to indicate when this has completed. If you select a reportee's name before this has completed you will get this error message. If this happens, you do not need to logout, just wait for the confirmation message and then click on the curly green arrow (located toward the top of the page) to refresh the page. You will then be able to view the details of your staff.

How do I view the Absence Calendar for multiple people within MSS

Guidance on viewing the Absence Calendar for multiple people

How do I run reports within MSS?

Instructions for running reports in iTrent

How do I view the absences for one of my staff?

The Absence History - People report is available in MSS to view the details of absence for all the people that report to you.

At the point of running the report, you can specify the type of absence you want to see which is normally sickness or holidays and the period you want to consider.

The output is supplied in Excel compatible format or as a PDF formatted report.  The output shows recorded absences, absence spells, days off, and reasons.

Please note that there is an anomaly in iTrent, which is caused by the way that iTrent’s MSS security is controlled.  You may be unable to see an absence in an earlier position if a reportee changes their position during the reporting period.  This restriction may apply if you have been the manager for the duration of their employment, or if you became their manager during the period.  This is a known issue in iTrent. 

A workaround is available by using the Absence History link in MSS to view an individual’s absences. 

How can I run a report to show outstanding holiday entitlement?

Instructions for running the Outstanding Leave Entitlement report to show Personal Annual Leave

How can I authorise multiple tasks?

Login to MSS. In the out of office, you can select multiple tasks by selecting the tick box on each task. Click on Actions and then select authorise, then click Save.

How do I add carryover to an employee's leave entitlement?

Subject to agreement with their manager, employees are able to carry up to a maximum of 36.5 hours leave from one leave year to the next (pro-rated for part time staff). ITrent will automatically carry over the maximum permissible carry over, but subject to the appropriate authorisation, the line manager can administer atypical carryover via MSS. Instructions

A part-time member of staff prefers to work another day during the week in which a bank holiday falls, what should I do?

To avoid deducting all Public Holidays and discretionary days, part-time employees may request to work extra hours during a week that includes such a day. They will in effect be working the hours that they would otherwise have been required to deduct from their total leave figure. Employees that wish to explore this option must discuss this with their line manager who will make a decision as to whether this is operationally possible.

If you (as the manager) are in agreement with their request, it's likely to be easiest to request that the employee books the leave as TOIL, specifying in the notes field that it is in lieu of the specific bank/discretionary day.

How do I do a Pattern Override?

When selecting a working pattern, it makes sense to choose the most common working pattern that an individual works and to override it on those occasions when it's different.

When deciding what pattern is most appropriate, it is important that this is discussed with the employee.

HR needs to know the pattern to be assigned to the employee's iTrent record and once this is set up, it can then overridden as appropriate by the manager via MSS.

Pattern Override may be useful for example when an individual varies their working pattern according to the school holidays, perhaps working 3 days during term-time, but during school holidays working 2 days. It may be logical to assume that the majority of holiday will be taken during the school holidays, so the 2 day pattern would tend to be the assigned pattern, then overriding it as appropriate.

Instructions on how to do a pattern override

How do I get access to MSS?

If you require access to MSS you simply need to register. You should also check the line manager verification report, found using the same link, to ensure you will have access to the correct employees.

How should I handle the information that I access from MSS?

There is a critical responsibility for all line managers to appropriately handle their staff's confidential information as provided by MSS (and all other sources) at all times.

All the information that line managers access from MSS on their staff is confidential and must be kept confidential and managed in line with the Data Protection Act at all times. Information accessed from the system should only be used for a legitimate work purpose. For example emergency contact information should only be used in genuine emergency situations. More information is available on the Data Protection Act. These requirements are the same as those that currently apply to the information provided through reports from HR.

Line managers using MSS must follow the University’s Acceptable Use Policy at all times, making sure that they keep their passwords confidential. More information is available on the Acceptable Use Policy.

Any breach of these requirements and responsibilities by line managers is potentially serious, would be investigated and could, if found, result in disciplinary action being taken against the line manager, up to and including dismissal.

What is the definition of a line manager?

We have defined a line manager as the post holder who is responsible for the performance and well-being of a member of staff in the University. This may or may not be the post-holder who carries out the SDPR / performance review for the member of staff. There are important responsibilities and requirements for line managers accessing information through MSS. If there is any doubt on who is the line manager, it is advised that the more senior role is applied.

Should I be asked to enter a password when authorising a task?

Once you have logged in to Manager Self Service, you will no longer be asked to re-type in your password to authorise a task.

Why am I getting reminders about authorising a holiday?

A manager has 5 working days to approve a holiday, before they get a reminder.

There is also another reminder scenario which is triggered 5 days before a holiday if it hasn't been authorised.

My reportee is unable to use Employee Self Service (ESS), what can I do?

Whilst ESS is designed to be straightforward to use, there may be some individuals who are unable to readily use ESS. It is important to be considerate to their particular needs. 

If any member of your staff has difficulty using ESS, please take the time to discuss their requirements and then agree a suitable plan of approach with them and complete a User review Form.

If you feel that further training would be helpful that cannot be undertaken within the department, please contact HR Support Services with details of your requirements.