Human Resources

Registering for Manager Self Service (MSS) in iTrent

If you manage at least 1 individual youmust register for Manager Self Service (MSS) as this will give you access to personal details about your staff and enable you to complete day to day actions such as approving annual leave and uploading SDPRs.

Given the personal nature of this information, it is absolutely vital that every effort is made to ensure your reporting lines are correct and so you are asked to verify the assigned names by checking the Line Manager Verification Report.

If you consider that the reportees have been incorrectly assigned, please consult with your Head of Department/Service, before requesting an amendment to be made via email to Human Resources.

Once you have confirmed that the list of names is correct, you will need to complete the MSS registration process, which you can access via the following link: MSS Registration 

Once you have completed the registration process, your iTrent user account will be configured by the Computing Services department.

Computing Services will contact the new manager when their account has been configured.