Human Resources

Staff Development and Performance Review

The Staff Development and Performance Review (SDPR) is an opportunity for staff to receive feedback on their performance, to discuss and set objectives for the coming year, and to explore and support their learning needs and career aspirations.

All core (not casual) staff who have completed probation are required to undertake a SDPR annually, and Heads of Department are responsible for making sure this happens through their usual management structure. 

Staff normally have their first SDPR around 6 months after completing probation, allowing them to reflect on objectives and development goals set in the end of probation review, but this interval may vary to fit the business cycle of the department.

SDPR process

The SDPR process and training differs slightly for different groups of staff:

Not sure which job family you are in? Check the job families table

Uploading and viewing SDPRs in iTrent

Guidance (word document) is available on:

Alternatively you can watch instructional videos on how to upload and view SDPRs in iTrent.