Human Resources

Managing our environment

Environmental management at the University focuses on the interaction and impact of human activity upon its surroundings and conditions.  It can be broken down into three distinct areas:

Environmental Resource Management 

Resource management focuses on the reduction and use of natural energy sources including electricity, gas and water.  

Environmental Protection

A means of monitoring and managing the activities of the University so as to prevent harm to people, flora and fauna.  As such, it includes the control of radiation, noise, vibration, light and hazardous waste.   It also focuses on good management of the University's operations to avoid water and air pollution, land contamination and fire water run-off.

Environmental Preservation

A means of safeguarding the natural world in which we live by identifying what is already in existence and providing the right circumstances to enable it to flourish and survive.  The University support such preservation on and off campus through its programme for bio-diversity.