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Training Compliance report


The University has a number of mandatory and recommended training activities for our staff.

These training activities are undertaken in a variety of ways, some are online courses (Moodle, Marshall's) and others are by class attendance. 

Completion data for these actitivies is brought together and loaded into iTrent and this provides the basis for the information within this report.

This report will be periodically be sent out to Line Managers and Heads of Department to help them monitor and ensure compliance.

For further information about each specific course/activity, please see the web links below, or contact the course owner directly.

Training Activities

Title & Further Information and links to the courses Requirement Course Owner
Bribery Training Mandatory for relevant staff as set out on the bribery act webpage Mark Pender
Diversity in the Workplace

Strongly recommended for all managers & recommended for other staff

Laura Weeks
Unconscious Bias

Strongly recommended for all managers

Laura Weeks
Information Security Awareness Strongly recommended for all staff in the Education & Research (E&R) and Management, Specialist and Administration (MSA) job familes, together with all managers in Technical & Experimental (T&E) and Operations and Facilities Support (OFS) families Mark Pender
Recruitment Training Panel & Chair Mandatory for all chairs of interview panels and anyone involved in shortlisting or interview for academic appointments Staff Dev
Fire Safety Awareness Training  Mandatory for all staff Mark Burton
Research Integrity
Mandatory for all researchers: academic staff and research staff must do this module or otherwise satisfy their HOS of equivalent competence.
Other staff, for example, professional staff supporting research and teaching fellows, are encouraged to complete
Academic Staff Development

How to use the report

Action Required

The recipient of the report should liaise with the individual reportees (or their Line Manager) to highlight which courses they are required or recommended to complete and, if there are any gaps, to give a target date for the person to complete the course.

Job Families

A job family is a group of jobs with similar characteristics and which are engaged in similar work. Although the level of responsibility, skill or competence will differ, the essential nature of activities carried out is similar across the job family. The 4 job familes are:

Education & Research (E&R)

Management, Specialist and Administration (MSA)

Technical & Experimental (T&E)

Operations and Facilities Support (OFS)

Data Anomalies

If there are any anomalies with the data for any particular course/activity, please contact the Course Owner who will be able to provide further guidance.

Updating Reporting Lines

The reporting lines are as reflected witin iTrent at the date the report was run. If the reporting lines need to be updated, please email HR with the details of the change required.


You do not need to request this report to be sent to you as it will automatically be sent to you periodically via email as an Excel attachment if you are a Line Manager or Head of Department.

Manager Self Service

Managers can view the individual training records for their reportees in Manager Self Service.

Employee Self Service

Employees can view their own records directly within the Learning Activities section of Employee Self Service.