Centre for Learning and Teaching

Past projects and resources

We look to collate useful resources and information to support you in the enhancement and delivery of learning and teaching. We are always seeking new resources that may contribute to your work and welcome suggestions for additions to this area of our work.

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External bodies

You can find information about the external bodies that we work with and what they offer including:

  • funding opportunities
  • career progression and continuing professional development
  • events
  • national policy guidance and developments
  • resources

Open educational resources

Open Educational Resources (OER) are teaching and learning materials that you may freely use and reuse, without charge. You can find out more about OERs and access some which have been made available from work carried out here at the University.

Contact us to discuss the use and/or development of OERs

Past projects

You can find information and resources arising from past projects, including the Disciplinary Thinking project and the OSTRICH project, many of which have been funded from our own institutional Teaching Development Fund. If you have been involved with a learning and teaching focused project and would be happy to share the outcomes with colleagues, please let us know.

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