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Centre for the Study of Regulated Industries (CRI) Collection

A collection of the publications of the Centre for the Study of Regulated Industries (CRI), 1990-2010.

The Centre for the Study of Regulated Industries (CRI), hosted by the University of Bath School of Management, was established by the Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountability (CIPFA) in response to an acceleration in the rate of privatisations of essential UK infra-structure industries; energy, water, transport and communications. These privatisations required a new system of regulatory control, as well as a new approach to financial governance, that generated ongoing debate, assessment and analysis. Between 1990 and 2010, under the directorship of Peter Vass, the CRI operated as a research forum enabling academics to engage with government, regulators, policy makers and the wider practitioner community.

The collection comprises CRI publications and includes technical and statistical papers, regulatory reviews, conference and seminar proceedings, industry briefs, lectures and research reports. High-profile and authoritative contributing authors with economic, legal, political, social and consumer studies expertise reflect the diversity and depth of academic interest in the CRI's work, which also received the support of regulatory bodies, government departments and their agencies.

Size: Approximately 230 published works.

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