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Guide to the Library Self-Issue System

What is Self-Issue?

Self-Issue is a self-service system, which will let you issue books to yourself whenever the Library is open.  All you need is your library card, your Library PIN and the books you want to borrow.
All borrowers are encouraged to use Self-Issue and you will find it particularly helpful for those times when the Issue Desk is closed. 

What do I need to get started with Self Issue?

You can use Self-Issue to borrow books as long as:-


How do I use Self-Issue?

Will Self-Issue do more than just issue books?

The Library currently has an automatic renewals policy.  So long as there are no other user requests on the item, its due date will be extended on a regular basis for up to one year.  (After being on loan for one year, the item will need to be brought to Issue Desk staff to be renewed.)

Self-Issue is just an issue system.  So you will not be able to:


Telephone the Issue Desk via +44 (0)1225 385000  (voicemail available)


Self-Issue Trouble-shooting guide 

My library card was not accepted


My PIN was rejected


The book would not issue