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Online resources for University Alumni


Guide to free resources

We have listed below a number of unrestricted resources on the internet. Although much of this information is free, not all of it is.  You will occasionally be given the option to purchase additional services or access to fulltext or data when searching some of these resources.  Your local public library may also be able to purchase articles of interest for you. 




Open Access Publishing databases

The following resources all provide access to full-text, open access content:


Literature and information search tools 


Websites with research publications and data


Open access journals and books

These resources give free access to scientific scholarly publications.  Many of publications have been peer-reviewed, editorially controlled, and are available without needing a subscription to access the articles.


Open archives and repositories

Open archives and repositories are online databases of digital resources such as research archives and preprints. Preprints are usually the draft versions of an article before that is published in journals, at conferences, etc. The archives and repositories often contain media files and other data generally inaccessible to most internet users.


Research data repositories

The demand for secure and accessible storage of research data by academics, institutions and research funding bodies has resulted in a number of online resources to help people gain free access to the data behind research publications.

Patents and standards

Web pages and databases that provide free patent information that shows inventions that have already been protected; information on how to use other peoples’ patented inventions, or information on how to protect your own invention.




Reference Management Tools

Researchers, staff and students often make use of paid for reference management tools, like EndNote, during their University career. Other free online tools exist that offer similar functionality.


Access to University licenced resources on campus for Alumni

Access to the full range of online resources and services to which the library has subscribed is limited to current students and staff.  However, there are provisions for Alumni students to access a selection of online resources where permitted by agreements with publishers.  You can use these resources and read online content here in the Library, searching using the catalogue terminals located on Level 2 and all the subject floors.   Where fulltext access is not permitted, the relevant materials will not be viewable.

Please note that the full-text content of the material linked to is still associated with a license. The terms of this licence are likely to prohibit the use of the material on a commercial basis. As such, access is provided for educational purposes rather than to supplement any requirements for the undertaking of your duties of employment outside of the educational realm.

Access is also subject to the terms of use of the vendor or publisher. If you are unsure or have any queries about these compliance issues, please contact us for further information and guidance.

Please note that due to the configuration of the University network and printing setup, you will not be able to print materials from the catalogue terminals or save content for later review.

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