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University of Bath

Library Services for University Alumni

The services and resources offered by the University of Bath Library to support Alumni and your lifelong learning.

Access to online information resources

  • After graduating from the University, you will find that you lose access to the online resources provided by the Library.  This includes the databases, electronic journals and ebook titles you used while studying. However, with the growth of the open access movement, a large volume of research is available for free online.  Often Creative Commons licences provide possibilities for reusing this information.

  • The Library has compiled a guide to recommended resources on the internet, many of these are free to use.

Further services for Alumni

Joining the Library as an Alumni member

Alumni/Visitor access to online resources

Alumni members are allowed to view some of the online resources (for example e-journals, e-books and databases) subscribed to by the library while here in the Library.

Unfortunately, the Library is unable to allow access to all of the online resources we have because of the terms of the licence agreements of some publishers. Online resources are not available off-campus.

Access to these online resources is available using the catalogue computers located across the Library.

  • You do not need to log on.
  • Under the terms of the publishers' licences, visitors can only view online resources while physically in the Library.
  • It is not possible to print or save material you find while searching but you can of course make notes from the screen.

For your reference a list of the e-resource websites which can be accessed can be found here.

Blocked resources not available to visitors or alumni are given here


The Inter-Library Loans Service


  • The Copy and Print department contains self-service copying equipment and is located at the back of the Library, Level 2. Alumni members will need to purchase a photocopy card. There is vending machine located in the back corner of the Library on Level 2. 

  • The card costs £2 and contains 50p worth of credit.  You may add credit to this initial balance if you wish using the adjacent value loader machines.  

  • You must photocopy within the limits set by copyright law.

Wireless Access on Campus

Visitors to the University should choose WiFi Guest when connecting their device to free campus Wi-Fi.   WiFi Guest will connect your device to The Cloud, hosted by Sky.   If you have an account with The Cloud it will connect automatically, otherwise you will need to create an account using your email address and a password.