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SCONUL Access to the University of Bath 

students & members of academic staff from other UK/Irish institutions participating in the SCONUL Access scheme

(If you are a member of the University of Bath and would like to join SCONUL Access, please refer to using other libraries.)

If you are not a student or member of staff at the University and want to borrow books or visit this Library: if your institution belongs to the SCONUL Access Scheme and you join up, you will be given a Library card and be able to visit the Library on any day of the year, normally between 9am and 9pm. You may also be able to borrow books, depending on the student/staff category allocated to you by your home institution.  There is no fee for joining the scheme.  Many UK and Irish institutions have joined this reciprocal access scheme.  Membership of the scheme can be granted for a maximum of three years or up until the end date of your current course of study or employment as an academic member of staff.  SCONUL Access does not include access to the networked computers in the library.

To find out more about how to apply, please read on:

  1. Visit the SCONUL Access webpage.
  2. Select your category of student/staff member e.g. are you a part-time taught postgraduate or...? Then select the 'home' institution where you study.  Press Find to search for libraries you can join
  3. On the next screen, you will be presented with a map image showing other libraries near your home institution.  Select the map points for more information on the libraries presented.  Alternatively, you can choose to See the results as a list and select the library you wish to join from an A-Z list.  Additionally, you can enter your postcode and search to show libraries near your location on the map.
  4. Select an institution from the A-Z list or from the map points you find as described above to review a new information screen.
  5. The information screen will provide contact information for that library and provide the option to Apply for access

  6. You will be presented with a brief online application form to complete.  Upon submission, the form details will be sent to your home institution for approval.
  7. Before your registration form can be authorised, you will need to pay off any outstanding library fines and charges at your home library.
  8. Successful applicants will receive email confirmation from their home library that indicates the expiry date of their SCONUL Access membership as well as a user banding associated with the rights they can expect to have at participating libraries.
  9. When you visit the University of Bath Library, you must produce both a valid library/university card from your home institution and a printed copy of the confirmation email sent by your home institution.  Upon reaching the University Reception in the Library foyer, you should ask to visit the Issue Desk to obtain your SCONUL Access card.  The Issue Desk is available to make cards between 9am and 4.45pm with the exception of National and University holidays as indicated on our opening hours & staffed service information page.
  10. If you cannot visit the Issue Desk on weekdays within the specified times, you can request a card by completing an Ask a Librarian form. 

    Please note information about borrowing books, reservations and fines. 
  11. For general information, please refer to Information for visitors (includes online/print resources, support for persons with disabilities and wireless access). You might also like to visit the SCONUL Access website. 
  12. If you are unable to borrow books under SCONUL Access or you would like to be able to visit the library any day/time it is open, you can apply for external membership (you may be charged a fee for this).