Public Engagement

Case studies

Across the University there are researchers active in public engagement who between them undertake a huge diversity of engaged research. This section captures just some of that activity through case studies aimed at informing and inspiring both those new to engaged research and those more experienced and looking for new ideas. We have also helped develop resources to support teaching, including an online Engaged Teaching Hub

Case studies are divided into the following four areas:

1) Engaged researchers

Case studies of engaged researchers from across the faculties and the School of Management where the researchers reflect on how they've engaged, their motivations for engagement, and how they and their research have benefitted from engagement.

2) Engaged activities

Since 2013, the Public Engagement Unit has invested over £50,000 in a range of engaged research projects through its annual seed fund call. The grants have provided researchers with an opportunity to pilot new engaged research projects or to extend and enhance existing ideas. As projects have concluded, their key learning is captured in a range of online case studies and blogs.

3) Engaging with industry

The Public Engagement Unit, in conjunction with Research & Innovation Services and researchers from across the University, has developed a range of resources to support research / industry collaborations including: an introductory guide; researcher case studies; project case studies; and links to relevant readings.

4) Video Case Studies

Watch videos of Engaged Research here at the University of Bath