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Funding opportunities for public engagement

If you have an idea for public engagement with research activity, you may be able to apply for funding to help make it happen.

Engage Grants: Start-Up Fund

Apply to the Public Engagement Unit's Start-Up Fund.

The Start-Up Fund one of the three funds that make up the Engage Grants, an annual funding call for public engagement activities run by the Public Engagement Unit.

Start-Up - for projects up to £200

This fund is to support applicants who have identified communities, special interest groups or organisations and non-academic individuals with whom you have not previously engaged. This funding will help create conditions for productive conversations and is not intended for public engagement activities but to foster relationships that might lead to public engagement with research in the future.

Read more about the Start-Up Fund.

Complete the Start-Up Fund application form.

Open call

The Start-Up fund will remain open until Friday 10 July, 5pm or until all the funds are allocated (we are anticipating a total of 10 projects). Please email applications to

Other funding opportunities for public engagement

There are a range of different funding sources available for public engagement activities, find out more about the funding calls currently opne.

Institution of Engineering and Technology's Engineering Education Grant Scheme

The Engineering Education Grant Scheme offers two levels of grants, projects up to £5,000 and projects up to £15,000, to support UK-based educational projects that increase engineering knowledge among young people aged 5-19. Deadline: 19 October 2020.

British Science Week Grants

This grant scheme offers £500-£2,000 grants for activities that work directly with audiences who are traditionally under-represented in science. Deadline 9 November.

The British Academy Wolfson Fellowship

These awards are designed to support early-career researchers who show exceptional talent in both research and public engagement. Deadline 25 November.

Science Technology and Facilities Council's Public Engagement Reaction Awards

A funding scheme for public engagement activities up to £5,000, that responds to new and/or unexpected significant developments related to STFC's science and technology remit (astronomy, solar and planetary science, particle physics, particle astrophysics, cosmology, nuclear physics and accelerator science). Open call.

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If you are interested in applying for any of these funding schemes, get in touch with the Public Engagement Unit. We can help with you shape your ideas, find a partner or offering feedback on your proposal.