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Training and learning opportunities for public engagement

Resources and training opportunities to develop your knowledge and skills in public engagement from the Public Engagement Unit and other organisations.

The Public Engagement Unit works with colleagues across the University to develop and deliver training for public engagement through existing professional development opportunities such as the Bath Course, the Bath Prize Fellowships and DoctoralSkills with the Doctoral College.

We have also developed a range of resources and materials you will find on this page to help you develop your knowledge and skills in public engagement.

Public Engagement Knowledge Hub

An online learning tool for anyone interested in public engagement with research.

The Public Engagement Knowledge Hub is an online learning tool to introduce you to the foundations of high-quality public engagement. The Knowledge Hub, developed by the Public Engagement Unit, is open to anyone with an interest in public engagement and is now available on Moodle (and no, there isn't an assessment involved!).

If you are thinking about undertaking a project to engage public groups with your research, the Public Engagement Knowledge Hub is an online course with resources and activities that will help you to get your idea up and running and ensure your public engagement activity is successful.

You can self-enrol to the Public Engagement Knowledge Hub on Moodle to access a wide range of courses.

Training opportunities

Find out more about the opportunities for professional development in public engagement run by a variety of organisations.

Bespoke Training from the Public Engagement Unit

Do you have an idea for a training session but can't find a provider? The Public Engagement Unit can help. Contact us at to arrange a meeting.

Science Writing Course

Come and discover how to successfully find and pitch news and feature articles, as well how to land a literary agent and write a proposal for books aimed at children and adults. Early bird discount deadline: 23 August.

Public Engagement for data science and AI research

This online introductory training course aims to give data science and AI researchers the confidence to engage with diverse public groups. September 2023

Association for Science and Discovery Centres (ASDC) Conference

Exploring the who, what, where, when and why of science engagement at W5 Science and Discovery Centre in Belfast. 28 and 29 September.

Science Communication and Poetry Training Course

This is a unique opportunity to explore the art of science communication, not through charts and graphs, but through the captivating medium of poetry. This online course is designed to help you, whether a scientist, poet, or simply curious mind, delve into the world of scientific poetry, unravelling its potential and discovering its immense power in illuminating complex scientific concepts. October 2023.

UWE Science Communication Masterclass

The Masterclass is a four-day course providing professional development in science communication, drawing on the expertise of the team that delivers UWE Bristol's internationally-renowned MSc in Science Communication and invited experts. The course takes place from the 13-16 November.

Institute of Physics Communicators Conference

The IoP Communicators Conference is an opportunity for science communicators of all stripes and experience across industry, academia, and more to gather. The event will feature networking opportunities, skills workshops, and talks to share knowledge. The conference takes place on the 16 November 2023.

Science Filmmaking Course

Taught by an ex-BBC science documentary filmmaker, these courses give you the skills to make and promote engaging films about research. Courses include a Three-day in-person Science Filmmaking course at Folly Farm near Bristol from 20-22 November.

Science camp training course for environmental researchers

Science Camps offer early-career environmental researcher the opportunity to learn about and explore the role of community engagement in environmental research. 11-15 September 2023.

Training and development frameworks

There are a variety of training and development frameworks to help you understand how public engagement can fit into your professional development.

The training and development frameworks in higher education that recognise the value of the skills and qualities involved in public engagement practice include:

Vitae's Public Engagement Lens on the Researcher Development Framework that highlights how public engagement is part of the professional development of researchers, providing an overview of the key knowledge, behaviours and attributes typically developed by researchers that can be acquired through, or used in, public engagement activities.

The Association of Research Managers and Administrators' Professional Development Framework that identifies public engagement as central to the translation of research.

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