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Engagement Stories Case Studies 2018

This set of eight case studies focuses on the engaged research taking place here at the University of Bath. Each case study focusses on one researcher and explores a particular type of engagement they use, how public engagement benefits them and other types of engagement they are interested in.

Below you can download short, two page long case studies of engaged researchers where they talk about: the type of engagement activities they've undertaken; their motives for engagement; and the benefits of engagement both to themselves and to their research.

These case studies will be added to over time. If you feel that you and your engagement could make for a good case study, please contact us.

  • Faculty of Engineering & Design

  • Marianne Ellis

    Dr Marianne Ellis (Senior Lecturer, Department of Chemical Engineering)

    Marianne is a tissue engineer who supports regenerative medicine (the process of replacing or regenerating human cells, tissues or organs) through the use of biochemical engineering. Her research necessitates engaging frequently with surgeons and industrialists.

    Read Marianne's case study

  • Valeska Ting

    Dr Valeska Ting (Prize Fellow in Smart Nanomaterials, Department of Chemical Engineering)

    Valeska is a materials scientist motivated by research leading to beneficial environmental impacts. One of her main research interests is the development of materials that can be used for hydrogen storage; if hydrogen is to be used instead of gasoline in cars then you need appropriate materials to safely store it.

    Read Valeska's case study

  • Faculty of Humanities & Social Science

  • John Troyer

    Dr John Troyer (Lecturer, Department of Social & Policy Sciences)

    John's research focus is on the inter-relationships between death, dying, the dead body and science and technology. He's keen to disseminate his research to as wide an audience as possible, and so is particularly experienced in engaging through the mass media.

    Read John's case study

  • Afroditi Stathi

    Dr Afroditi Stathi (Senior Lecturer, Department for Health)

    Afroditi’s research aims to develop a better understanding of the determinants of participation in physical activity, particularly amongst older people.

    Read Afroditi's case study

  • Rita Chawla-Duggan

    Dr Rita Chawla-Duggan (Lecturer, Department of Education)

    In the UK, Rita’s research focuses on father involvement in young children’s learning and how an understanding of this might be used by practitioners to better support that learning. Internationally, she has conducted research on how to support young children’s learning through quality education.

    Read Rita's case study

  • School of Management

  • Paul Caulfield

    Paul Caulfield (Senior SME Fellow)

    Paul's research involves exploring how to build better relationships between business and society. In doing so, he engages regularly with organisations across the public, private and voluntary sectors.

    Read Paul's case study

  • Christos Vasilakis

    Dr Christos Vasilakis (Senior Lecturer, School of Management)

    Christos' research focuses on how mathematical modelling and computer simulation techniques can resolve healthcare delivery problems. He collaborates with health and social care managers and professionals to identify and tackle challenges in the sector.

    Read Christos' case study

  • Chris Archer-Brown

    Dr Chris Archer-Brown (Lecturer, School of Management)

    Chris’ research explores the use of technology within organisations to improve communications between employees, partners and customers. He works with Knowledge Intensive Professional Services organisations to inform his research.

    Read Chris' case study

  • Faculty of Science

  • Mark Weller

    Professor Mark Weller (Department of Chemistry)

    Mark is a materials chemist, studying 'hard' functional materials that are used in everyday life. He has experience in undertaking a range of dialogues with the public and with industry, and has engaged often with school-age audiences.

    Read Mark's case study

  • Hannah Family

    Dr Hannah Family (Lecturer, Department of Pharmacy & Pharmacology)

    Hannah is one of only two psychologists nationally working full-time in pharmacy research and teaching. She engages with pharmacists, healthcare commissioners and patients to research how pharmacists can improve patient safety and encourage healthy behaviours.

    Read Hannah's case study