Department of Mathematical Sciences

EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Statistical Applied Mathematics (SAMBa)

Your opportunity to be part of a future generation of interdisciplinary mathematicians, working in emerging fields at the interface of statistics with applied and computational mathematics

Our programme

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An innovative four-year doctoral programme within a world class mathematics and statistics department. Students will become excellent researchers and leading problem solvers, able to work flexibly across traditional boundaries.


BBM on a circle, t=50

SAMBa builds on, and brings together, research carried out throughout the Department of Mathematical Sciences, working in collaboration with industry, policy-makers, and academics from other disciplines.

Studentship opportunities


Fully-funded 4-year SAMBa studentships for UK and EU students start in October each year. In the first year of study, students undertake an MRes, during which time they develop a topic for the remaining 3-years of PhD research.

Equality and diversity

students gathered together

We believe that all talented mathematicians should be able to pursue studies in mathematics, and that diversity is an essential component of SAMBa's success.