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Charmaine Martin



Charmaine is a postgraduate researcher in the Department of Mechanical Engineering.  Her research, sponsored by Great Western Research (GWR), the University of Bath and Federation of Small Businesses (FSB), investigates how small and medium size enterprises can improve their sustainability through life cycle assessment techniques.


Charmaine’s current research area is on the application of environmental life cycle assessment (LCA) as a technique used by small and medium size enterprises (SMEs) to green their business by product and process improvements.  Charmaine is investigating the techniques and established methodologies of LCAs to gain insight into product and service related environmental impacts.  The application of LCA in terms of a service capacity and the related environmental impacts is of particular interest as studies have been product and manufacturing focused.  

It is estimated that SMEs contribute to 70% of global environmental pollution; however, getting smaller enterprises to engage in the sustainability debate and introduce long-term carbon reduction strategies present many challenges.  A complementary part of Charmaine’s inter-disciplinary research are her other interests: the role and effects of behavioural change theories and intervention programmes on SMEs and their environmental impacts.  A corollary interest is the use of ‘bottom-up’ engagement approaches and strategies to assist SMEs in the transition towards a low carbon economy.


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