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Studying Physics at Bath

Studying Physics at Bath will not only teach you about the structure of physical law, but it will allow you to take part in its discovery. Along the way you will learn to "think like a physicist" - a hard-to-describe skill combining practiced intuition, the scientific method, and a knack for approximation - and you will develop powerful, broadly-applicable problem-solving skills.

Physics students are prepared not only for a career in physics, but many other fields as well. The Physics Department has diversified the teaching it offers, allowing a great variety of courses of study that satisfy requirements for the acquisition of a wider range of skills. For example, there are opportunities to follow interests in Industrial Physics, Physics Education, Nanoscience, Photonics, and Management.

Undergraduate Degrees


Physics is concerned with the study of matter, energy and the interactions between them, and it involves the search for the universal principles underlying many, very diverse natural phenomena. It is important, not only as a subject in its own right, but also as an essential element in all other natural sciences, engineering and technology. There is also a great deal of enjoyment and satisfaction to be derived from an understanding of the most recent developments in Physics research.

Our graduates combine sound mathematical and experimental expertise with the ability to grasp new concepts, and are able to apply their expertise to a wide range of familiar and unfamiliar challenges.

Physics with Astrophysics

The Physics with Astrophysics course provides a solid grounding in physics, but also enables you to gain in-depth specialist knowledge of astrophysics.Through these courses you will learn how to apply your physics knowledge to understanding the origins and evolution of the universe, including the fundamental theoretical physics describing the intertwining of space, time, matter and energy.

Topics covered include exoplanets, galaxies, cosmology, stars and stellar evolution, general relativity and high energy astrophysics.These degree courses also provide you with opportunities to undertake both experimental and computational astrophysics projects.

Mathematics and Physics

Joint degrees in Mathematics and Physics at Bath are genuinely joint degree courses in the separate disciplines, with each having an approximately equal weighting. The aim is for students to understand the rigour and generality which form the foundations of a University education in Mathematics, while at the same time appreciating the role of Physics in providing an understanding of the physical world. Students will see the ways in which teachers from the two disciplines treat the material, and tutorials are used to explore the similarities and differences of approach, and the connections between the two.

Optional Placement year

For students on our BSc and MPhys degrees a paid, fully-supported, year-long placement in their 3rd year is possible. MPhys students can undertake a six-month research-based placement in their final year. For more information please see our Placements pages.