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Politics beyond the mainstream research group

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About the group

Our group brings together members of staff interested in politics outside and/or beyond the mainstream, as well as those researching mainstream politics itself, its creation, defence and contestation.

Research focus

  • Extreme/radical politics (both left and right)
  • Terrorism
  • Populism
  • Euroscepticism
  • Immigration
  • Ethno-regional groups
  • Alternative social movements and political organisations
  • Race and gender
  • Discourse and socio-political identities
  • Radical political and IR theory
  • Political participation
  • The media (social and traditional)

Group meetings

Research group meetings

Our group meets on a regular basis to discuss impending matters and for members to share their research.

Reading group

Our reading group takes place every three weeks and is open to all postgraduate students and staff across the University.

Each week, a reading is set and discussed openly. The aim is to foster a discussion which goes beyond the hegemonic understanding of politics and explore different ways of apprehending politics.

To make the session worthwhile, it is essential that participants have read the texts in advance.

Upcoming reading groups

Date Time Reading list Room
24 February 2016 3:00-5:00pm David Graeber (2004) Anarchism, Or the Revolutionary Moment of the Twenty-first Century ZNet, January 6 1 West 5.101
3 February 2016 3:00-5:00pm Slavoj Zizek (2015) ‘ On Greece: the courage of hopelessness’ New Statesman, New Statesman, July 22
Slavoj Zizek (2015) Thanks to the EU's villainy, Greece is now under financial occupation New Statesman, August 20
1 West 5.101
13 January 2016 3:00-5:00pm Jodi Dean (2012) ‘Chapter 3: Sovereignty of the People’ in The Communist Horizon, Verso 1 West 5.101
9 December 2015 3:00-5:00pm Gabriel Winant (2015) We Found Love in a Hopeless Place: Affect theory for activists n+1, Issue 22 1 West 5.101
18 November 2015 3:00-5:00pm Glynos J, Klimecki R and Willmott H. (2012) Cooling out the marks: the ideology and politics of the financial crisis. Journal of cultural economy 5: 297-320 1 West 5.101
28 October 2015 3:00-5:00pm Chrisitine Delphy (2015) Separate and Dominate: Feminism and Racism after the War on Terror Verso 1 West 5.101
7 October 2015 3:00-5:00pm Alexandros Kioupkiolis and Giorgos Katsambekis (2014) Radical Democracy and Collective Movements Today: Responding to the Challenges of Kairos in Radical Democracy and Collective Movements Today, Ashgate. 1 West 5.101
13 May 2015 4:15pm Peter Hallward (2005) 'The politics of prescriptions', The South Atlantic Quarterly, 104:4. TBC
29 April 2015 4:15pm Alain Badiou (2010) 'Chapters 8 and 9' The meaning of Sarkozy, Verso TBC
15 April 2015 4:15pm Slavoj Zizek & Critchely, debate on politics TBC
18 March 2015 4:15pm Jacques Rancière (2007), 'the reasons for this hatred', Hatred of democracy, Verso TBC
25 February 2015 4:15pm We are all democrats now..., Theory and event, vol.13, n.2 & Bob Jessop (2010) 'Cultural political economy and critical policy studies', Critical Policy Studies, vol.3, n.3-4, pp.336-256 TBC
22 January 2015 4:15pm Ernesto Laclau & Chantal Mouffe: Socialist strategy, where next? 1 West 5.101
11 December 2014 4:15pm Panizza, F. and Miorelli, R. (2013), Taking Discourse Seriously: Discursive Institutionalism and Post-structuralist Discourse Theory. Political Studies, 61: 301–318. & Moon, D. S. (2013), ‘Tissue on the Bones’: Towards the Development of a Post-structuralist Institutionalism. Politics, 33: 112–123 1 West 5.101
20 November 2014 4:15pm Colin Crouch (2004) 'Why Post-democracy', Post-democracy, polity 1 West 5.101
16 October 2014 4:15pm Peter Mair (2006) 'Ruling the void', New Left Review, 42 1 West 5.101