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The following international and peer-reviewed journals are edited by members of our Department.

European Security

European Securities (journal cover)

European Security is a forum for discussing challenges and approaches to security within the region as well as for Europe in a global context. The journal seeks to publish critical analyses of policies and developments in European institutions and member states, their relations with European and other immediate neighbours, and their relations with the wider world, including other regional and international organisations. It is also interested in non-European perspectives on Europe in a global context.

Whilst the journal is particularly interested in stimulating debate between varied theoretical approaches, it strongly encourages policy debates on topical issues that combine conceptual and empirical analyses. Within this broad framework the journal invites submissions in the following areas:

  • theoretical and methodological approaches to the study of security in Europe
  • comparative and in-depth studies of European states and national defence policies
  • European organisations as security providers
  • conflict prevention, peacekeeping, conflict resolution, and crisis management as reactions to regional insecurity
  • security and geo-politics of Europe and the wider world.

Editor-in-Chief: David J. Galbreath (University of Bath)

Defence Studies

Defence Studies (journal cover)

Defence Studies is a scholarly journal aimed at the study of contemporary defence and emergent warfare from both a theoretical and empirical perspective. The scope of the journal is set to examine how armed forces seek to engage with conceptual, strategic and operational challenges.

Papers are welcomed that consider how states and non-state actors think and determine insecurities through defence policies. The journal also encourages papers that engage with how defence strategy is constructed and operationalised. Following this, we look for papers that explore operational deployment in conflict zones and alternative battle spaces.

The journal is an arena for debate in and around defence studies from both traditional and critical studies. Scholars who explore these debates in the areas of war studies, strategic theory, policy studies, critical security as well as case study, regional and global comparisons are welcomed.

Editor-in-Chief: David J. Galbreath (University of Bath)
Co-editors: Manabrata Guha (University of Bath), R. Craig Nation (US Army War College) and Giampiero Giacomollo (Bologna)

European Review of Organised Crime (EROC)

European Review of Organised Crime (journal cover)

EROC’s main aim is to offer a forum for the study of organised crime in its different manifestations and to promote a dialogue between the academic community and practitioners. The journal’s unique feature is that it will be free for authors to publish and free for readers to access. We are also dedicated to publishing articles rapidly upon submission and actively seeking manuscripts from early career professionals and nonnative speakers of English.

We invite theoretical and empirical contributions on organised crime broadly conceived from a variety of disciplines, such as criminology, criminal justice, political science, law, security studies, sociology, gender studies, economics, media studies, anthropology, and history. Contributions from practitioners who can share knowledge about organised crime by drawing upon their on-the-ground experience are also welcome.


  • Felia Allum (University of Bath)
  • Anita Lavorgna (University of Southampton)
  • Yuliya Zabyelina (John Jay College of Criminal Justice, New York)

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