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Centre for the Study of Violence

We explore how to counter violence through open and engaged educational practices. Our aim is to help society rethink how violence operates in the modern world.

Who we are

Our Centre’s research examines the complex and contested causes of violence. We’re committed to developing engaging educational practices that help modern society rethink how violence operates – from theatres of war to terrains of the everyday.

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The Centre for the Study of Violence is part of the Department of Politics, Languages & International Studies

Our research areas

Pedagogies of violence

How do we conceptualise violence, and what issues does this present in terms of how we learn about and engage the subject? We look at the pedagogical demands of violence, noting how it is key to any viable critique.

Security, science and technology

How does scientific and technological advancement transform security, war and violence? We explore the political and ethical implications of this, and the forms of violence we encounter in a digitally interconnected age.

Humanitarian Futures

What does humanitarianism mean in the 21st century? We analyse the notions of rights and justice, and how to frame this more broadly within ecological narratives of peaceful cohabitation.

The Politics of Identity

What is the relationship between violence & identity? We investigate the racial, gendered and class-based stakes associated with violence to better understand topics like identity politics in the context of global conflicts and divisions.

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Study with us

Our research informs the content of several courses taught at Bath. Alongside delivering dedicated units that focus directly on violence, our members provide research-led teaching and supervision at undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral levels.

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Our research and people

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About us

We are a research active Centre focused on countering violence through open and engaged educational practices.

Our global network of practitioners combines the fields of research, education, policy and culture. This collective approach allows us to explore the transformative potential of interdisciplinary educational practices.

We promote new ways to research, teach and rethink how violence operates in the contemporary world – from theatres of war to the terrain of the everyday.