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Centre for the Study of Violence publications

A collection of publications, including journal articles, from members of the Centre for the Study of Violence.


This page contains a selection of recently published articles from members of the Centre for the Study of Violence. They focus explicitly on the problem of violence.

Members' publications

Professor Brad Evans

Professor in Political Violence

Dr Stephen Hall

Lecturer (Assistant Professor) in International Relations, Politics and Russia

  • S Hall (2017a) “Learning from pasty experience: Yanukovych’s implementation of authoritarianism after 2004.” (Journal of Eurasian Studies Vol. 8 No. 2) 161-171
  • S Hall (2017b) “Preventing a Colour Revolution: the Belarusian example as an illustration for the Kremlin.” (East European Politics Vol. 33 No. 2) 162-183
  • S Hall, and T Ambrosio (2017) “Authoritarian Learning: A Conceptual Overview.” (East European Politics Vol. 33 No. 2) 143-161
  • S (2019) “Improving the Kremlin’s Preventive Counter-Revolution Practices after the 2011-2012 Winter of Discontent and the Euromaidan.” (Russian Politics Vol. 4 No. 4) 466-491

Professor Jason Hart

Senior Lecturer in International Development

Dr Jennifer Thomson

Dr/Senior Lecturer

  • J Thomson (Forthcoming 2022), “Women, peace and security NAPs in anti-gender governments: The cases of Brazil and Poland” with Sophie - Whiting, European Journal of International Studies
  • J Thomson (2022), “Gender Norms, Global Hierarchies and the Evolution of Feminist Foreign Policy”, European Journal of Politics and Gender, Online First
  • J Thomson (2020), “What’s so feminist about feminist foreign policy?” International Studies Perspectives, 21 (4), 424-437
  • J Thomson (2019), “Gender and Nationalism”, Nationalities Papers, 48: 1, 3-11
  • J Thomson (2018), “The Women, Peace and Security Agenda and Feminist Institutionalism: A Research Agenda”, International Studies Review, 29: 4, 598-613

Dr Doreen Pastor

Lecturer in German

  • D Pastor, and A Kent (2020) "Transformative landscapes: liminality and visitors' emotional experiences at German memorial sites". (Tourism Geographies Vol. 22 No. 2) 250-272.
  • D Pastor (2018) "Are Mandatory Visits to Concentration Camp Memorials the Answer?"

Professor Paul Higate

Professor of Conflict and Security

  • P Higate (2012) "‘Cowboys and professionals’: The politics of identity work in the private and military security company." Millennium 40, no. 2: 321-341.
  • P Higate (2012) "Drinking Vodka from the ‘Butt-Crack’ Men, masculinities and fratriarchy in the private militarized security company" International Feminist Journal of Politics 14, no. 4 (2012): 450-469.
  • P Higate (2012) "The private militarized and security contractor as geocorporeal actor." International Political Sociology 6, no. 4: 355-372.
  • P Higate (2007) "Peacekeepers, masculinities, and sexual exploitation." Men and Masculinities 10, no. 1: 99-119.

Professor Timo Kivimäki

Professor of International Relations

Dr Micha Germann

Senior Lecturer in Comparative Politics

Dr Oliver Walton

Senior Lecturer

Dr Juan Pablo Ferrero

Senior Lecturer

Dr Jorge Marco

Dr Pedro Pineda Rodriguez

Senior Lecturer

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