University of Bath

What do first degree Bath graduates do?

Find out what full-time first degree UK and other EU domiciled students went on to do after graduation. Data includes job titles, employers and further study.

Faculty of Engineering & Design

Chemical Engineering
Civil Engineering
Electronic and Electrical Engineering
Integrated Mechanical & Electrical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering

Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences

International Management & Modern Languages
Modern Languages & European Studies
Politics with Economics/International Relations and Languages with Politics
Social Work and Applied Social Studies
Sociology, Social Sciences and Social Policy
Sport and Exercise Science
Sport and Social Sciences / Sports Performance

Faculty of Science

Biology and Biochemistry
Computer Science
Natural Sciences

School of Management

Business Administration and Accounting & Finance
International Management and Modern Languages

Further details about this data

Information on what University of Bath graduates are doing approximately six months after graduation is collected every year. Select from the list above to see the statistics for first degree UK and other EU domiciled students who graduated in recent years.

This data contributes to national statistics and is published as What do graduates do?

Not all programmes will be listed above. For instance, new programmes will not be included until at least the year following the first graduations, and some programmes may have cohort sizes that are too small. If similar programmes / disciplines are listed you may wish to consider these destinations as the closest likely examples.

Doctoral graduates

We also have information on the destinations of doctoral graduates. See our doctoral graduates destinations page for more information.