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Careers employer guide to posting opportunities

Find out how to ensure your opportunity is approved quickly.

Due to a variety of reasons, it is not uncommon for opportunities to take longer than we would like to be ‘live’ to students. We want to make sure employers make the best first impressions on students and only approve opportunities when we know they will show employers in the very best light. ​

Publishing opportunities on Recruit@Bath

Here are a few of the basics which should result in faster approvals:​

  • Opportunity cannot be a duplicate of an existing advertised role.​
  • The title of the role should be as descriptive as possible: ‘College Sports Assistant – 1 year contract’.​
  • Any internships should include information on it’s length and which year groups are eligible.​
  • Have a clear publish date and application closing date – which are not too close together. (We know last minute vacancies happen – just let us know if this is the case!)​
  • Make sure there is an admin contact for the opportunities so we can nip any enquiries in the bud!​
  • Give an expected commencement date – this can be as broad as ‘Summer 2022’ or ‘Immediate – after closing’ but avoid ‘ASAP’.​
  • Salary can be given as ‘competitive’ or ‘TBC’ but should be clear where:​
    • Pro-rata​
    • Commission-based​
    • At least National Minimum Wage (unless exempt ie placements, voluntary, some third sector)​
  • Be clear who you want to see your opportunities. Are you targeting PhD students or a specific course background? Make sure this is obvious to perusing students or graduates.​
  • Make sure it is clear which currency salary will be paid in, using £ etc.​
  • Check any web links work. Avoid shortened links where possible. Pay special attention to any links which students are directed to in order to apply.​
  • Be clear where the job is based – a city or area is fine. If the job is remote, please state this in the title.​

If you have any queries not covered here, never hesitate to get in touch with the Information Team on​

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