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University of Bath

Careers advice for staff

Find out about the support and resources available from the Careers Service for University staff.

Research staff

A specialist service is provided for research staff by Anne Cameron, Researcher Career Development Adviser. Please call 01225 386772 or email for more information.

Other staff

Support and resources

There is a wide variety of staff training and development opportunities which can be found in the Staff Learning and Development Pages. Many of our information resources will be helpful to any staff who want to research career options or get help with their next steps. Have a look at our website for students. Below are some particular resources:

If you are rethinking your career options then you may find the following useful:

  • Choosing a career section of our website
  • How to get a job you’ll love by John Lees, a book which you can look at in our office or in the Library
  • Taking our free Team Focus Psychometric Tests (Bath only) from which you get a comprehensive report which must be sent to a Bath email address. The following Personality tests are available:
    • Type Dynamics Indicator - this questionnaire is designed to identify some fundamental ways in which you differ from other people, and has implications for your career development by helping you understand more about the way you approach your work and your relationships
    • Learning Style Indicator – this questionnaire is designed to identify fundamental differences in the way you think, communicate and learn
    • Values-based Indicator of Motivation – this questionnaire looks at the elements of your identity that give meaning and purpose to your life.

Registering to access MyFuture

In MyFuture we provide job vacancies, events, appointments and news. It is primarily for our student, graduate and research staff clients but any member of staff is welcome to access it, either for your own interest or to understand more about this important tool for students, graduates and researchers.

You can register by following these steps:

  • Go to the login page and select 'Login as a Current Student or Staff'
  • Complete the University Single Sign-on
  • Complete the registration page
  • We will then receive and approve your registration, and will check whether we have a University of Bath graduate record for you
  • You will receive a confirmation email to say you can now log in.
    • If you have a graduate record you should select 'Login as a Graduate'
    • If you have no graduate record you should select 'Login as a Current Student or Staff'.

Appointments with Careers Advisers

Apart from research staff we can only provide careers guidance for the following categories of staff:

  • Staff who graduated from Bath
  • Staff who graduated from elsewhere within the last three years.

Please call in or ring us on 01225 386009 to discuss, and to check if you need to register for a MyFuture account. At times of high demand from students, particularly in October and November, you may have to wait more than a week for an appointment.