Staff learning and development

Training and support to help you get started in a new role, develop your career, use University systems, manage people, and stay safe at work.

Starting a new role

Find mandatory and optional training for your new job, whether you're new to the University or continuing your career here.

Fire safety training

Mandatory fire safety awareness training for all staff. If you're a new member of staff, you must complete the course and the test.

Systems and software

Find courses and guidance to help you use the University's online services and computer software, including well-known programmes and University-specific systems.

IT Training

We provide taught courses and online resources to help you use a variety of software and get recognised IT qualifications

Pure Staff Training

Attend training to use Pure, the University's system for managing information about your research publications, projects, activities and impacts.

Agresso training courses

IT Training offers a number of courses to staff involved in purchasing, financial reporting and in using the Agresso system.

Career development

Learn new skills and develop your career through training, coaching and online resources.

Centre for Learning & Teaching

We support staff in the delivery of high-quality learning and teaching and facilitate the career development of staff who teach and research.

Presentation skills

A course for staff to develop your presentation skills whether to a small audience within the context of a meeting, or in a larger, more formal setting.

Effective meetings

A session for staff covering the practical steps to ensure meetings have a purpose, feel collaborative and produce an outcome.

Leadership and management

Develop your management skills and get the best out of your team, whether you're aspiring to be a manager or want to build on your existing experience.

Managing people and teams

A two-day course for newly appointed or aspiring line managers to support you to develop your management and leadership practice and techniques.


A programme aimed at women up to Senior Lecturer level, or equivalent in professional services, to develop the leadership side of their careers.

Staff Development Performance Reviews (SDPR)

Make the most of your annual performance review and take the mandatory course for line-managers about conducting your team's SDPRs.

Legal and University standards

Find training and support about our policies for recruitment, bribery and data collection, as well as our approach to ethical research.

Information security

Security of Information is crucial to the University. Staff can access the information security module and the information classification framework.

Unconscious bias

A course to help understand the implications of the natural biases we all hold.

Health and wellbeing

Take courses to help you look after yourself and others in the workplace.

Mental health first aid

A course for staff which teaches you how to identify, understand and help a person who may be developing a mental health issue.


Find out about creating user-friendly content on the website, making public engagement opportunities for your research, or reaching people through social media.

Find public engagement opportunities

Work with Public Engagement to engage non-academic communities with your research. We provide funding, opportunities, training and recognition for engagement.

Staff mobility

Apply for learning and development opportunities in other countries.

Personal development

Discover vocational and extracurricular courses that inspire and engage.

The Edge Arts

Our arts and creativity hub offers exhibitions, performing arts presentations, talks, arts classes, family and community events.

Team Bath

Team Bath is the name and logo which binds together all the activities of the Department of Sports Development and Recreation at the University of Bath.

Foreign Languages

We provide foreign languages courses, peer-assisted learning programmes and events as well as managing resources through the Language Learning Zone.

Invigilators' training

Training for those involved with invigilation at the University of Bath, comprising part 1 (mandatory) and part 2 (optional).