Quality management


The Head of Department, or in the School of Management the appropriate Associate Dean, will ensure that a programme of induction and briefing is put in place to support both new and experienced External Examiners. Responsibility for briefing and induction is often delegated to the Director of Studies.

If your programme is delivered by one of our partner colleges, the Head of Learning Partnerships will provide induction and briefing.

As well as briefing on your programme and its assessment regulations, you will receive:

  • programme documentation, which may be via a web page or Moodle
  • the names of your departmental contacts
  • information on examining boards and opportunities to visit the Department
  • the report of the outgoing External Examiner.

Most of our programmes have at least one other appointed External Examiner and some employ a team of Examiners. Whenever possible, arrangements will be made for first-time External Examiners to be mentored by a more experienced member of the team.

External Examiners' Handbook

The External Examiners' Handbook is designed to help you understand and fulfil your role as an External Examiner.

The Higher Education Academy External Examiners' Handbook provides background information for new and experienced External Examiners and includes a number of cases studies to inform your understanding of the role. Appendix 2 sets out a typical year in the life of a newly appointed External Examiner.