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Academic Registry

We oversee student registration, records, course & unit catalogues, the timetable, exams, academic frameworks and quality, and student graduation arrangements.

Support for staff

Access guidance and support on student records processes, the academic administration calendar, Boards of Examiners and information for exam administrators and invigilators.

SAMIS Manuals

A staff wiki of manuals for the University's student records system, SAMIS.

Academic Administration Calendar

A calendar of activities summarising key academic events in the year designed for use by administrative staff and Directors of Studies.

Graduation and your award ceremony

Find out the date of your award ceremony, how to prepare for it and get your certificate.

Award Ceremonies

Celebrate your graduation with family and friends and look forward to the future.

Exams, assessment and appeals

Find out how we coordinate your exams and what to do if you have a mitigating circumstance affecting your assessment or want to appeal an academic decision.

Exam Procedures

Guidance and information about the examination process including frequently asked questions.

Registration and students' records

How to register as a student, get your transcript or record of assessment and prove that you're a student.

Academic Transcripts

The information that is included on a University of Bath transcript and how to request one.

Former students

Get a copy of your certificate and proof you studied here or check a former student's award or certificate.

Verify an award

How to arrange for a former student's award to be verified, or to request a reference.

The academic framework and quality assurance

Read the assessment regulations for your course and find out how we help maintain the quality of your education.

Quality Management

The University's principles and processes for assuring itself that academic standards and quality of our education are maintained and enhanced.

Quality Assurance Code of Practice

The Code of Practice details the key principles and processes by which the University assures itself of the standards and quality of its qualifications.

About Academic Registry

We manage students’ registration and their computerised records, exams arrangements and the student-related aspects of graduation.

We also oversee the course and unit catalogue and timetable, produce student data and statistics for monitoring and statutory purposes, and offer advice on the academic framework and academic standards.

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Find out more about our work and get advice.