Quality management

Information to students

We are committed to providing good quality information, on all aspects of our provision, to students before and during their studies. 


Prospective students can get information on programmes, the services we offer and key facts and figures about the University, from the prospectus. From 2012/13 all universities are also expected to provide a Key Information Set (KIS) on all of its programmes.  KIS data appears alongside programme information in the prospectus.

Programme Specifications

Programme specifications are intended for a wide range of audiences including prospective and current students and staff. They provide definitive information on the programme and we make them accessible to a general audience through dedicated Faculty and School web pages:

Programme specifications are used in a range of situations including programme approval, Degree Scheme Reviews and when making changes to a programme.  Further guidance and a template for the completion of programme specifications are provided.

Programme Handbook

During their studies the programme handbook provides the main source of information for students.  The handbook contains information on the programme, key University Regulations, and services available to students. 

For details of the format of, and content which should be included in, programme handbooks, see QA44 Programme Handbooks and Programme Specifications: provision of information to students

We expect common sections, covering key information on regulations and central services, to be incorporated into all programme handbooks: