Building Research Park



The Building Research Park carries out research into innovative building materials and constructive systems. We recognise the importance of using research data and results to back up novel techniques that will support development for the future of construction.

Our facility offers a diverse range of research options, from proving theories to validating performance.  We can offer advice on every stage of your project, from test set-up all the way through to reporting.

We have plenty of experience of working with both academic and industry partners; this knowledge, combined with our flexible approach, means that we can help you develop your ideas to meet their potential.  We are accepting research projects on our waiting list now, and welcome anyone involved in low-impact construction to contact us and discuss opportunities to work with the Building Research Park.

We also offer the opportunity for you to get involved by becoming a specialist partner, working together to offer advice and support to create construction technologies of the future.

To book our facilities or discuss opportunities, please email professor David Coley. To find out more about working with the University and if a scheme might help you to realise your research (such as Innovate UK vouchers), visit our consultancy pages.