Centre for Photonics and Photonic Materials

Potential supervisors


Research areas

Tim Birks
  • Optical fibre design and fabrication
  • Tapered fibres
  • Fibres for astrophotonics
Enrico Da Como  
Andrey Gorbach
  • Theory and modeling of nano-scale active photonic components
  • Graphene photonics and plasmonics
Jonathan Knight  
Peter Mosley  
Dmitry Skryabin
  • Comb generation and solitons in microring resonators
  • Nonlinear functionality of the exciton-polariton circuits
Paul Snow  
Ventsislav Valev
  • Chiroptical effects
  • NanoPhotonics
  • Second Harmonic Generation
William Wadsworth
  • Fibre lasers
  • Wavelength conversion in fibres, Four-wave mixing and supercontinuum
  • Ultrashort pulse delivery