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Centre for Photonics and Photonic Materials

World-leading research in the science and technology of light.

Our research

Research and publications from our members.

Medical photonics

The end face of a multicore optical fibre

We use our research into cutting edge optical technologies to solve real-world clinical problems.

Nanoscale photonics

Diffraction of white light from a nanostructured surface

We use light to study nanosized objects, as well as using nanosized structures to manipulate light.


Deployment of open-source microscopes in the field

We develop scientific instrumentation from open source microscopes to next-generation astronomical tools.


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News and projects

Read about our latest research activities and projects.

Join us

Join us as a PhD student, member of staff or visitor, and access our fibre fabrication facility.

Fibre fabrication facility

An optical fibre preform in the fabrication facility at Bath

Find out about how we use our optical fibre fabrication facility to make speciality optical fibre and how you can access the facility for your own work.

About us

The Centre is formed by around 30 academics, postdoctoral researchers and PhD students who work together in an interactive and collaborative environment doing cutting-edge research in Photonics.

Much of our work is based in our state-of-the-art fabrication facilities and our extensive optical laboratories, which are equipped with a wide range of laser sources and optical test gear. We also do extensive numerical modelling of both linear and nonlinear optical effects.

Contact the Director

Contact Prof Jonathan Knight