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Building the future cemetery: where new technology and memories can meet

Everybody dies and everyone wants to be remembered

An overview of the Future Cemetery project.

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Dr John Troyer has been working as part of the Future Cemetery project; a new initiative that explores new technology and innovative ways to engage people with end-of-life questions.

The project is a collaboration between:

The Future Cemetery works with designers, multi-media artists, theatre performers, creative technologists, computer programmers, and app creators to transform Arnos Vale Cemetery in Bristol into an open source, end-of-life discussion and technology platform.

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Further information is available in this case study.

One aspect of the project asked people if their next-of-kin know what kind of funeral they want or if they could write a six-word epitaph about their life. During field-testing and trial runs, the research team found that audiences enjoyed the interactive elements but really appreciated the opportunity to think about and discuss the end-of-life.

The Future Cemetery is currently working with consultants to transform the initial project into a robust, dynamic research and development laboratory at Arnos Vale Cemetery called the Future Cemetery Research Centre. The new research centre is slated to open in 2015.