Aimed at Research Staff planning an academic career, the Academic Career Academy focuses on what you want from your first lectureship, how you can benchmark yourself against the competition, and what you can do to increase your chances of success.

The programme requires a substantial time commitment, however, in return you will gain personalised feedback, a strengthened CV and specific actions to take.

Previous attendees who have taken part in the Academic Career Academy have said:

Attending the Academic Career Academy gave me a lot of insight into what an early career researcher needs and how to be competitive. It did not stop at telling me what to do, they showed me how to do it. A lot that money can never buy, thank you very much.

Participating in the Academic Career Academy was highly rewarding in teaching me to become proactive in seeking out opportunities to succeed as an independent academic. I would recommend this programme to researchers on the verge of applying for permanent posts looking for guidance in the application process, as well as to postdocs interested in making the most of their time in order to boost their career prospects.

The ACA has probably been the single biggest beneficial experience of this academic year for me. It has supported me being objective when evaluating myself, my skillset and my prospects, developing a balanced view of my career, and gaining more confidence in my capacity to affect change in order to progress.