All existing alumni and 2021 graduands can apply for free Library membership, which now includes access to some e-resources! There is now no charge for alumni membership, which allows you to:

  • Access a selected range of e-resources including Sage Journals, MIT journals, OECD iLibrary, Henry Stewart Talks and Project Muse;
  • Visit the Library in person for study and research – additional online resources are available on dedicated public access PCs in the building;
  • Borrow up to 5 books at one time

Find out more about signing up for your free membership and obtaining an Alumni library card at:

What do our alumni say?

Feedback from recent EdD graduates who trialled online access to selected Library journals:

This has been a FABULOUS resource for me and I would very very very much like to keep it! I use the journals irregularly but when I do - I use them a lot and it has been a huge benefit for me in my continuing work and research…To have online access after graduation as a continuing learning individual and proud Bath graduate has been wonderful.”

As a Winter 2019 EdD graduate, I have been making good use of the alumni access… I am currently working as a VSO volunteer within the Ministry of Education in Phnom Penh, Cambodia and appear to have become the 'action research expert.' I have therefore been reading up on the area… to ensure my knowledge is up-to-date... I have also been accessing a variety of other Sage journals which support my role here as Education Planning Advisor.

Thank you for sharing this wonderful news. I had entertained the hope, post graduation, that I would be able to pursue my research interests, and the [new Library alumni membership] initiative…will go a long way in supporting this ambition.

I have certainly counted having free access to Sage Journals as a huge privilege and am most grateful to the University for providing this to me. It really has helped me to continue to feel part of a University that I will always hold in such high regard…I have utilised it both personally and professionally, and have found it enormously useful and interesting

[Online access to journals] has been immensely useful. I have used my access to: prepare for a new position at a teacher training college in The Netherlands…; prepare a lecture for the Alliance for International Education on service learning; research to provide input for a new Early Childhood optional course (very helpful for an area that was new to me); research 'trends' in the last two years in research topics related to international education for a possible new masters programme; generally keep up with research related to my own research area. I couldn't have done any of this without this access, and I think it would be fantastic to allow interested alum the possibility to use this service. It has supported my career related research emerging from the degree I earned at Bath.