We are pleased to announce the return of our sabbatical scheme, which allows academics from the University of Bath to spend a semester at the Institute for Policy Research (IPR). During this time, successful applicants will be able to pursue a research project of their own choosing that has clear policy relevance and/or a substantial public engagement component.

We particularly welcome applications that resonate with the IPR's own research profile and its mission to further the public good through high-quality research, policy-facing knowledge exchange, and public engagement. Priority will be given to research proposals that involve interdisciplinary collaborations with colleagues from other departments.

The sabbatical leave (in full or large part) will normally be spent at the IPR premises.

Application process

The IPR sabbaticals are set within the broad framework of the existing University scheme and the same arrangements for financial compensation apply. Please note that you cannot apply for both schemes in the same academic year. All sabbaticals must be approved by written agreement of the relevant Head of Department.

Up to two awards of six month periods are available each academic year.

To apply, please complete the University of Bath application form for sabbatical leave, which includes a separate section for sabbatical leave at the IPR. For more information, please refer to the IPR website and the University's sabbatical leave scheme overview page.

Deadline for applications is 24 February 2023.