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The IPR sabbatical scheme

Bath academics can apply to spend a semester at the IPR to work on an interdisciplinary research project with substantial policy and public engagement.

About the scheme

Find out about internal academic sabbaticals at the Institute for Policy Research (IPR)

In addition to the University of Bath sabbatical scheme, the University runs a scheme of internal academic sabbaticals for the Institute for Policy Research (IPR). This enables academic staff at the University to apply for a semester at the Institute, working on and developing a research project (or projects) with substantial policy and public engagement. The sabbatical leave (in full or large part) will normally be spent at the IPR premises.

The IPR sabbaticals are set within the broad framework of the existing University scheme. The arrangements for financial compensation for the academic’s Department will be the same as for the existing University scheme. You cannot apply for both schemes in the same academic year.

Up to two awards of six month periods are available each academic year.

All sabbaticals must be approved by written agreement of the Head of Department concerned, confirming that the teaching and administrative duties of the academic in question can be covered. In considering this approval, the Head of Department may take into account the sabbaticals awarded to other members of the Department under the main University scheme.

Selection criteria

Selection criteria for internal academic sabbaticals at the IPR

All applications must fulfil the criteria for the University sabbatical scheme.

We will give priority to those applications that involve:

  • a strong element of policy and/or public engagement in areas which reflect the IPR's policy research profile
  • a research project or projects which involve a degree of collaboration with colleagues from other departments; and which are endorsed by the Head of Department or Director of Research of those other departments.

We will also consider applications from two academics from different departments, wishing to work together on a joint sabbatical project.

How to apply

How to apply for the IPR sabbatical scheme

On completion of your sabbatical

What happens after completing your sabbatical

Each individual who completes a period of sabbatical leave is required to prepare a formal report for the Sabbatical Committee 12 months after the sabbatical ends. The report must be submitted on the template provided (Appendix A in the application form).

The report will be assessed by the Heads of Department and Director of the IPR against the aims of the original application.

There is a formal requirement for individuals to inform the Sabbatical Committee if there are substantial changes to the sabbatical plans such as changes to the visiting schedule or the planned outputs.


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