This new website gives students with autism spectrum conditions information and strategies for overcoming the challenges they typically encounter during the transition to university. It is recognised that outcomes for people with neurodiverse conditions are varied, and often more uncertain compared to their non-autistic peers, and this resource is part of a package of support offered by the Disability Service to help students who may struggle with the transition into Higher Education.

The Toolkit is designed to be used as a research tool while prospective applicants are considering universities, during the application process, and after they arrive here, since much of its content is tailored specifically to Bath. It prompts applicants and students to consider their expectations and explains what may be different when compared to secondary education. It also explains the benefits to disclosing one’s autism and getting support in place early, whilst also considering that students may not wish to fully disclose to everyone.

The Toolkit gives advice on what to do when working in unfamiliar situations, and how to manage some difficult situations, for example talking about one’s autism or raising a problem with a lecturer. Information is presented in a logical way, easy to follow and provides links for additional support throughout Student Services and the wider University.

This is an ongoing project, which will grow and change as we add and adapt to the content. We are working on enlarging the Student Voice section in particular, and welcome any articles or ideas which would further develop the site.