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Transition to University

To help you settle into life here at the University there is a range of support available to you.

Beginning at Bath

‘Beginning at Bath’ is a transition event for applicants who identify as autistic. This will take place after A-level exam results on 10 and 11 September 2024. The event is held over two days on campus and applicants are invited to stay overnight in University accommodation. You will have the chance to get to know other students, familiarise yourself with the campus, meet key members of staff and chat to some of our current students.

During your pre-entry advice appointment, you will have the opportunity to discuss attending Beginning at Bath with a Disability Adviser.

University Transition Autism Summer School (UTAS)

UTAS is a series of two events run by the University of Bath to support autistic students starting university anywhere in the UK in autumn 2024. Please see the UTAS webpage for more information and to register.

Campus Buddy scheme

The University of Bath runs a Campus Buddy scheme for new students who have disclosed an Autism Spectrum Condition, Social Anxiety or Social Phobia. This service provides informal support (online or in-person where possible) with the social and practical aspects of student life during the first Semester at University. For example, navigation around campus and town, joining clubs and societies, etc.

For more information on the Campus Buddy scheme, how to access this support or become a Campus Buddy yourself please see our website.

Social groups

We recognise that for many students, starting at University can be overwhelming as well as exciting. Making friends can be difficult for many reasons and may not occur automatically within accommodation kitchen groups or through the course. Events that may be aimed at increasing the social contact with other students (e.g. Fresher’s week) may not suit all. There are other opportunities to meet other students.

Please note that the running of all social groups is dependent on current government and University guidance.

Autism social group

Any student who identifies as having an Autism Spectrum Condition (whether formally diagnosed or not) is welcome to attend this social group. It runs fortnightly during the semester and activities regularly include film nights, board games, quiz nights and table-tennis. Please visit the Autism Social Group page for further information.

Wellbeing social group

The Wellbeing Service organise a social group for students who may be feeling isolated. Students are advised to meet with the Wellbeing Service to establish if the group would be suitable for them or what other options may be available.

Students' Union societies

There are numerous societies that any student is welcome to join. During Welcome Week many societies offer taster sessions to enable you to try a new activity before committing. The societies include a range of arts, departmental course related, ethical and political, faith and cultural or recreational options.

Other ideas

Other ideas to increase your social networks could include options such as:


If you have any questions, please contact us.

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