Health and Safety on University premises

General guidance

The signage provided is there to manage the safe movement of large numbers of people around our premises. Please follow these, as well as the guidelines for all buildings. This includes using the hand sanitiser provided at all entrances and exits.

Kindly respect social distancing guidance, currently keeping two metres from other people wherever you can, and wearing face coverings where you cannot. Please keep in mind that some people will be very anxious about others coming too close. They may have real concerns about catching the virus, or have worries about family or friends in a higher-risk group. That’s why we’re asking you to be kind as well as being safe, having compassion around these concerns where you can.

As a general rule, good hand hygiene and the ‘catch it, bin it, kill it’ messaging should be followed at all times. Please be especially mindful of leaving litter behind, especially any litter or waste that may have COVID-19 implications – tissues, waste face coverings or masks should be disposed of in the bins provided, and ideally bagged before disposal.

If hand sanitiser or soap supplies are low, please report via the Estates Help Desk.

Travelling to and from University premises

Social distancing has greatly reduced bus and train capacity. Please use public transport only where absolutely necessary, such as having mobility issues, and avoid peak times wherever possible. You must wear face-coverings on public transport unless you are exempt. A list of exemptions is published here.

People from different households should not car-share, but if this is unavoidable then please take steps to reduce risk of transmission:

  • Share with the same people each time.
  • Sit as far away as possible from each other.
  • Single passengers sit in the back, diagonally opposite the driver.
  • Open windows to improve ventilation.
  • Do not use recirculating air conditioning functions.
  • Face away from each other.
  • Wear face-coverings.
  • Clean the vehicle handles and touched surfaces regularly.
  • Follow the latest Government vehicle-sharing advice here.

Parking on University premises

We need each of the 2000+ car parking spaces on University premises, so we will not close spaces off. So, please be safe when parking and wait to enter or leave your vehicle if someone is within 2 metres of you.

Moving safely around campus

Safe routes have been mapped around campus. Please comply with signage, including one-way systems and other directional signs, and respect social distancing guidelines to avoid coming into close contact with other people wherever practical.

Where one-way systems are not possible, please work together to enable safe movement – giving way to others, or turning away briefly and passing as quickly and safely as you can.

Please use the hand sanitiser provided at all building entrances when accessing buildings.

Using campus facilities

In certain facilities, you must wear face-coverings, unless you are exempt. These facilities include:

  • Shops, food outlets, banks & post offices
  • Sports facilities
  • Dentist and nursery
  • Library (while moving around)
  • Student accommodation

Please respect that not everyone can wear face coverings, and that staff working in these facilities are not legally required to wear face coverings.

Shops may ask you to briefly remove your face covering to confirm your identity, such as for age restricted items. Please cooperate if you are asked to do so.

Wherever possible, we ask that transactions are “cashless”.

Please use hand sanitiser before and after entering campus facilities, and dispose of any rubbish responsibly.

Test, Track and Trace

You may be asked to provide personal details in certain buildings, such as the Sports Training Village, to comply with government requirements around Test, Track and Trace.

The University strongly encourages members of the community to download the SafeZone app and to support the NHS Test, Track and Trace process, especially if you are advised to self-isolate.

Staff should contact their line manager as soon as is practical to advise them of the instruction and to provide any other information you can about the instructions you have been given.

If you have been to University campus in the last couple of days you may be asked to provide details about where you went and who you interacted with so that we can make arrangements for cleaning to be done or to support colleagues who may have been in contact with you. We also ask that you let us know the outcome of any test results as soon as you can; if the result is negative we will want to assure colleagues that you are okay and also that they do not have to be concerned that they may have been exposed.


This webpage for latest updates.

Visit the Wellbeing webpages where you will find information on:

  • Employee Assistance programme/staff counselling Wellbeing Champions
  • Coaching Network
  • Wellbeing Training and Development
  • Resources and Tools